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It's been 84 years...

...and I can still smell the fresh paint.
To anyone that gets that reference congratulations we can be friends.

That is not the point of this post! To any of my old lj friends that still look at this ancient website, I want to find you and catch up! My tumblr is http://scarsfromtheneversandmaybesdie.tumblr.com/ Follow me and we shall reunite <3

Some Friend..

My "best friend" is a fucking bitch. I hate high school.

Five more weeks... Five more weeks...



Guess who is moving to Arizona for college in August?? That's right, this girl!! Wooh! NAU here I come! I'm so ready to leave this city and all of the people that I can't stand. In just a few short months, I will be starting my life, living how I want to live. I can't wait. :)


Best. Line. Ever.
So does anyone know of an angsty teen drama involving sex and drugs and possibly a lesbian story line (other than Skins)?? I need to get my fix, but since I'm out of Skins, I need a new one. So if anyone knows one that sounds somewhat close that in any way, please let me know. K thanks. :)


Why Skins, Why??

I watched 8 episodes of skins yesterday. Thank God for YouTube right? So I finished the fourth season, and all I have to say is, what the flying fuck?! That ending?? There MUST be more! It's not that it was a bad ending.. It's just that there needs to be at least another episode! And what sucks even more is that this cast is all gone now! No more Emily, or Naomi, or JJ! Ugh.. I hate how the cast changes every two seasons. I am seriously in love with Kat Prescott. Her voice, her hair, her everything. Why Skins??? Why do you hate me so??

Now I need some Naomi and Emily icons...

I Did It!! (Kind Of)

Wassup lj?! So in honor of my 69th post, I have some big news!! I came out to my best friend, and I must say that I am so so so glad that I did. It didn't go quite as planned, but it still happened and that's all that matters :) And the best part is that she is all super chill about it. We are still super close and nothing has changed. Then she told me that we need to go "lady shopping" for me. Lol. I went all out and told her that I am gay, not bi, because I am fairly certain that's what I am :) She is the only person I am going to tell right now, I'm not ready for anymore family to know (other than my sister). What I did leave out, though, is my outrageously huge crush on our English teacher.. But I think that one is better left unsaid. Don't you think?

In other news, I am kind of diggin' Skins US. Although it is not nearly as good as the original, it still gets the job done. I'm totally crushing on Tea, she's kind of super hott, and it doesn't hurt that she is a lesbian ;)

I super want to go see Broadway Backwards (Curse you New York for being so damn far away) it looks epic and I think I would super enjoy it.

I've been all giddy and happy lately, it's awesome. I love not being sad and depressed all the time. I'm not a sad person, not at all. I made a somewhat sad Facebook post the other day, and my friends thought I was hacked, they were like "You are not the serious one! You are the funny sarcastic one, so stop being all depressing!" lol I'm glad that they need me for something..

So that's about all that's been going down in me-land. :) Later dayzz


Dammit (Janet) :p

Okay well now on a serious note. Bad bad things are going on, man. I just got home from a date.. With a guy. Ugh, curse my incapability to tell someone no, and my constant need to make everyone happy. He's nice and whatever, but his hand was so big it cut off circulation to my fingers. Oh, and he has a penis. Why can't a nice GIRL come into my life for once?? Fuck, I really need to come out already. Dammit, now he just texted me saying he had fun. Fml.


Black Swan

Watch it now. O_O

Need a reason?

....Still need a reason?

So Effing Cute.

I don't know what or when this is from, but this is one of the many many MANY reasons why I am in love with this woman. :)

Jessica Capshaw
Jessica Capshaw Pictures

That is all.

Best Thing Ever?

I think so..